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The Sofa Is One Of The Indispensable Furniture In Our Living Room

- Oct 25, 2017 -

The sofa is one of the indispensable furniture in our living room, and the choice of the sofa is often overlooked. With the popularity of simple style home improvement, our requirements for the sofa more and more simple. Want to know what kind of style this sofa is like? Modern simple style sofa how to choose? For everyone one by one detailed solution it

First, see the fabric sofa skeleton is strong

The strength of the skeleton of the fabric sofa, the relationship between the service life of the sofa itself and the quality of the guarantee. The specific method of inspection is to lift the sofa one, lift the part from the ground 10cm, look at the other head is off the ground, if the ground, that skeleton structure strong.

Second, look at the quality of cloth fabric sofa filling material

The quality of the filling material is also related to the service life of the sofa. The specific method of inspection is to hand to the sofa handrails and backrest, if you can clearly feel the presence of wood, the sofa filling material density is not high, the elasticity is not good enough, will speed up the sofa cloth wear, Reduce the service life of the sofa.

Third, the test cloth sofa resilience

The resilience of the sofa is also related to the service life of the sofa. The specific method of inspection is to let the body free to fall on the sofa, the body at least by the sofa cushion bounce more than 2 times in order to show the flexibility of the sofa is very good.

Fourth, check the surface of the sofa to see if the skin irritation

The surface of the sofa, whether it has the phenomenon of stimulating the skin. The specific method of inspection is to feel the surface of the sofa by hand to observe the whole part of the sofa fabric color is uniform, the joints are strong and smooth, workmanship is fine.

5, check the details of the sofa handle

This is actually very important, we must check very carefully Oh! The specific inspection method is to open the matching pillow of the zipper, observe and touch the inside of the lining and fillers; lift the sofa to see whether the bottom of the handle, the sofa legs are straight, the surface treatment is smooth, the bottom of the leg whether there is anti-skid pad And so on. Good sofa in the details of the quality of some also keep fine.

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