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Wardrobe Interior Pattern Allocation Design

- Jul 12, 2017 -

  Wardrobe interior pattern allocation design

  Now the wardrobe compared with the traditional big closet has been a big difference, the design of the closet is a very professional decoration process, is also a very important part. Not only to take into account the occupants of the composition, occupation, age, personal habits and the order of the order, but also take into account the rational and effective use of space. Modern families, often elderly parents, young couples, children and other three types of people living, each type of people in the use of a request are not the same, then the layout of the design wardrobe when you need to pay attention.

  Older parents stacked clothes more, less pendant. Therefore, in the design wardrobe pattern, you can consider more to do more layers and drawers, and older parents because of physical conditions, should not frequent climb or squat, then, in the design of the closet in the drawer should not be in the most The bottom, should be about 1 meter from the ground height, the conditions allowed in the design of the wardrobe, consider the installation of the upper wardrobe lift racks.

  Young couple's clothing is relative to diversification. The general design of the wardrobe around the men and women of their own storage space, as is the convenience of taking. The clothes hanging area inside the cabinet is usually divided into two layers, each coat and coat, the general shirt can also design a separate small drawer or shelf, so as not because too much clothes squeezed together and wrinkled ugly The And such as underwear, underwear and socks these small objects, can be designed to place a grid frame, both conducive to the maintenance of clothing, take objects and more convenient; not commonly used sweater can be placed in a deeper drawer, Can be designed to store a special wardrobe pants.

  Children's clothing, usually pendant less, stacked clothes more, and need to consider the issue of children's toys, you can design in the closet, consider a large body cabinet, the upper is a pendant, the lower vacant, convenient children at any time Open the door to pick up or collect toys to meet the children's fun mentality.

  Ward pattern distribution, to consider the frequency of the partition design. We usually divide the frequency according to the season, season, often in exchange for division. In the top of the wardrobe design three compartment board, used to stack in addition to the season outside the three seasons of clothing, and the lower part of the middle because of the inside of the sliding door, storage of seasonal clothing, can also be stacked, and easier than the top use. In the middle of the wardrobe on both sides of the sliding door near the door can be designed to draw a few drawers and hanging clothes area, used to store the most often replaced clothing, so that each time the season can be clothes from the middle of the stack to the top of the season Area, and then the quarter of clothing from the top of the season to replace the season, it will not appear to take the wrong clothing situation.

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