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Wardrobe Material Selection Is Important

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Do the wardrobe, the choice of materials is very important, aesthetics, environmental protection, load-bearing, etc. should be considered, if the selection is not good, will lead to wardrobe poor quality, shorten the life, there may be distributed formaldehyde and other toxic gases, Good health, then, what is the good thing in the wardrobe? Today, we have a brief look, for future purchase or custom wardrobe to provide a reference.

1, solid wood

When it comes to wardrobe materials, nature is the best of solid wood, to avoid the use of too much adhesive, more healthy and environmentally friendly, strong load, safe and stable, and long life, up to ordinary wood cabinet more than 500, Durable, but solid wood wardrobe higher cost, so the market most of the wardrobe or plate combination of the way the production of wardrobe.

2, big core board

Big core board, also known as blockboard, is a good material for making wardrobe frames. Daxing board is a solid wood board core plywood, which is a layer of wood with stitching made of the core, and then made in the surface made of surface material, the surface smooth and smooth, strong stability, easy to deformation, according to the thickness of the general points For the plywood, pallets and lilies, the thicker the higher the price, according to the pressure and strength to bear the choice.

3, high density board

High density board is a commonly used wood-based panels, is the wood, branches and so on in the water after the bubble, broken and pressed from the processing, uniform density, high strength, processing is also easier, but the shortcomings is poor moisture resistance, Kitchen and other wet places should not be used, but used to do wardrobe is also good.

4, solid wood particles board

Solid wood particles board, from the name point of view to know, is the solid wood labeled as particles, and then made of adhesive adhesive, and retain some of the physical characteristics of solid wood, grip nail force is better, lighter texture, not to the closet Causing too much pressure, but the load is not weak, and low cost, cost-effective, and therefore often used with the wardrobe manufacturing.

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