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Wardrobe Type

- Jul 12, 2017 -

  Wardrobe type

  Wardrobe from the use can also be divided into three categories: sliding door closet, flat open wardrobe and open wardrobe. From the structure can be divided into plate structure wardrobe, frame structure wardrobe.

  Sliding door closet

  Sliding door wardrobe, also known as shift door wardrobe, is the wardrobe cabinet into the wall to the top part of the home decoration. The sliding door closet is divided into a sliding door closet and an outer sliding door closet. Inside the sliding door closet is placed in the closet door closet, personalized more intense, and easy to integrate into the home environment, flexible and durable, clean and convenient, high space utilization, pushing the sliding wardrobe is the opposite of the closet door placed outside the cabinet , According to the home environment structure and individual needs to tailor, space utilization is also very high. Sliding door wardrobe is characterized by simple and neat, high prices in today's, more suitable for household units area is relatively small family. Modern home decoration in more and more people have chosen to facilitate the push and pull the closet door, its lightweight, easy to use, high space utilization, customization process is convenient, has been favored by consumers, have to replace the traditional flat door The

  Flat open wardrobe

  Pingkai Men's closet is connected to the cabinet by the closet hinge, which is the traditional open-style wardrobe. The level of the main level is the door material, hardware quality two aspects, the advantage is cheaper than the sliding door closet, the disadvantage is to take up space. Pingkai Men wardrobe in the traditional finished wardrobe is more common.

  Open wardrobe

  Open wardrobe is no door closet, was open so named. Open wardrobe storage function is very strong, and more convenient, open wardrobe than the traditional wardrobe more fashionable, avant-garde, but for the cleanliness of the home space is also very high, so always pay attention to clean. In the design of open wardrobe, to take full advantage of the height of the bedroom space, as much as possible to increase the available space of the wardrobe, often need to use the items, the best put on readily available, seasonal items should be stored in the top On the partition.

  Plate structure wardrobe

  Plate structure Wardrobe is made up of different sizes of finishes. Mainly by the panel, backplane, side panels, foot line, door composition. Which cabinet contains a variety of characteristics of the wardrobe accessories: pull baskets, L planes, wardrobe pants rack, push mirror, lattice planes, laminates.

  Frame structure wardrobe

  The structure of the wardrobe is made up of columns and plates. The pillars are mainly made of aluminum ingots. This aluminum composition of high purity, hardness, not only to ensure that the entire framework is not stable shaking, but also to ensure that never deformation. The frame closet is connected with a popular diamond-shaped way in Europe. Not only gives a combination of steel and wood trendy, and the overall stability of strong. Can be free to adjust the level and free to change the board, suitable for seasonal changes in the clothing seasonal storage space changes, a variety of different functional accessories design has increased the flexibility of classification, to facilitate the classification of clothing, so that the whole place in good order.

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