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What Are The Plates For The Wardrobe? Which Is Better?

- Sep 27, 2017 -

What are the plates for the wardrobe? Which is better?

Home decoration Wardrobe is indispensable, whether shopping malls to buy brand wardrobe or their own carpentry master to make, we need to pay special attention to the wardrobe material. Because in a closed room, the closet is one of the largest furniture in the bedroom, the harmful gas emitted by it also occupies the vast majority.

Then the question comes, which kind of plank makes the wardrobe good? Small edited and sorted out the current market on the commonly used wardrobe plate types, mainly the following:

1. Density board (MDF)

The density plate is formed by the powder-like wood fiber, and the surface roughness is good. Because of its soft and impact resistance, high strength, after the suppression of good density uniformity, but also easy to process, suitable for the blister board, paint plate and so on. But the disadvantage is that waterproof is very poor, very easy to expand and deformation. Buy density board: Density plate mainly detects formaldehyde release and structural strength, density plate according to formaldehyde release amount of E1 grade and E2 grade, formaldehyde emission exceeds 30mg/100g unqualified. Generally speaking, the scale of the production plant density board is qualified. Most of the density plates in the market are E2-grade and less E1.

2, solid wood particle board

Solid wood particle board is a new, high-grade environmental protection of the substrate, is a particleboard production of the plate. Solid wood particle board density is relatively high, the board of wood fiber particles large, preserved the nature of natural wood, in adhesive use of solid wood particle board content is generally less than 5%, better environmental protection. In addition, its processing performance and particleboard is also good. Granular plate insulation, sound absorption, because of easy to make, the quality of the difference is very large, not easy to identify, flexural and tensile resistance is poor, density loose easy to loose.

3, solid wood Multilayer Board

Multilayer board is a three-storey or multi-layer a millimeter of wood veneer or thin plate adhesive heat into, common with three splints, five splints, nine splints and 12 splints (commonly known as plywood, five-plate, nine-plate, 12-plate). The core has: poplar, hardwood, amine wood Multilayer board, good structure strength, good stability. Plywood with a large amount of glue, the construction to do a good job sealing edge treatment, day to reduce pollution; buy solid wood Multilayer board: Select Multilayer board mainly see its formaldehyde releasing quantity and bonding strength. If the glued strength of plywood is not good, it is easy to fall apart. Note that the nominal thickness of the plywood is consistent with the actual thickness.

4. Solid Plank

Solid wood Closet plate using natural timber to make raw materials, rugged and durable, natural texture, mostly with natural wood-specific aroma, solid wood closet plate with good hygroscopicity and breathability, is beneficial to human health, do not cause environmental pollution, is the production of high-grade furniture, the quality of housing decoration plate. Because of the high cost of wood closet board, and the high construction technology requirements, wood resources are limited, and easy to construction of man-made plate gradually become people's choice!

5. Joinery Board

Blockboard, commonly known as large-core board, the middle Plank is made of high-quality natural wood by heat treatment, processing into a certain size of the wood, by the mosaic machine splicing, and then covered on the two-storey high-quality veneer, after the cold, hot-pressing machine adhesive pressure made. Joinery Board wardrobe plate with ordinary thick plywood beautiful appearance and similar strength, because of the light texture, less consumption of plastic and so on, and give a sense of wood, to meet the consumer's desire for solid wood furniture. Buy Blockboard: Blockboard surface should be flat, no warping, deformation, no blister, depression, the core line evenly neat, small gaps, core without decay, break, worm hole, scar and so on.

6. Chinese Fir plate (Chinese FIR gear plate)

Chinese FIR gear plate is a new type of solid wood material, using large-diameter logs, refined deep processing and imaging finger-like staggered splicing of the board. Glulam can be directly painted, painted, than the Blockboard province a process. The internal stress of the toothed plate is offset by the random placement of the small wood strips, and the plate is not easy to be warped, suitable for arbitrary processing, and is one of the important raw materials for furniture making. Because of the tooth plate closet plate in the process of processing does not use urea-formaldehyde adhesive, the use of white latex, after pressure, unloading, maintenance and other processes, so its environmental protection is trustworthy.

7. Eco-Free Paint Board

Melamine Malacca Eco-free lacquer plate, or melamine whole-side Chinese fir ecological paint-free board, is the whole solid wood eco-free paint board, good stability, strong deformation resistance, grip nails strong, the most important environmental level is high to meet the European E0 standard. So the environmental protection of the paint-free board to choose the eco-friendly big brand paint-free board, can be selected to a more environmentally friendly paint-free board! Melamine itself toxicity is very small, relatively stable, cured will not be free of toxicity.

8. Fireproof Board

Fireproof Board is the use of silicon materials or calcium materials as the main raw materials, with a certain proportion of fiber materials, lightweight aggregates, adhesives and chemical additives mixed, by the steam technology made of decorative plate. The fireproof board is more economical, and the strength is high, fire resistance, moistureproof, do not fade, and the color is more vivid, the sealing edge forms various, the touch is exquisite, the price is reasonable and so on advantage. Fire board in line with the wardrobe ' beautiful and practical ' combination of the development trend, so in the market. Its disadvantage is the door plate for the flat, can not create concave and convex, metal and other three-dimensional effect, fashion sense slightly worse.

The above is a common wardrobe in home decoration plate, the specific choice of which is appropriate to see their own situation to decide. But in general, for the sake of family health, choose healthy environmental protection, durable is the right choice. Not only is the wardrobe plate, home use of building materials coating is also the choice of health and environmental durability, for the family to create a healthy and happy paradise.

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