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Why Choose Bedroom Furniture - Bed

- Jun 05, 2017 -

  Why choose bedroom furniture - bed

  One third of the time spent in bed.

  The choice of bed is not only the need for sleep, but also one of the needs of the decorative bedroom.

  First, the size of the bed - if the space permits, the bed should be the bigger the better

  1, the length of adult bed is generally 1.95-2 meters;

  2, the width is usually 75,85,92,100,120,140,160 cm and several specifications;

  3, the standard double bed mattress size is generally 1.5-1.9 meters.

  Second, the height of the bed - the current popular bed, plus a lot of mattress after only 20 cm

  The latest trend on the bed requirements: solid, simple shape, bed area to increase the characteristics of the bed height reduced.

  Third, the bed frame - bed board heavy quality without any noise, reasonable structure beautiful

  1, the stability of the bed frame, can keep the mattress in a horizontal plane;

  2, the material coating is uniform, smooth, with or without cracks, bubbles;

  3, the combination of components is convenient, reliable, external dimensions meet the specifications.

  Four, mattress - "health, comfort, beautiful, durable"

  1, not too hard, so that the buttocks and shoulders beyond its normal curvature, should not be too soft, so difficult to move the body in sleep.

  2, according to their own sleep habits, in a variety of posture test, only Shu Tan to achieve the best sleep conditions.

  3, when you lie on it, the vertebrae and standing when the state is similar to the better. The length and width of the mattress should be sufficient to leave enough space for people to freely flip.

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